2013 Lessons #10: You Can Handle The Truth

You Can Handle The Truth.¬†Actually, you have to handle the truth. The world is fucked up. Trauma is a bitch. People are complicated. You are complicated. There’s no point in pretending otherwise and you won’t be able to do so indefinitely anyway.


Your truth is only available to you, and hiding the light of your reality only dims yourself. As you think about who or what kept you going in 2013, how much of it was inspired by reality-checks, deep truthtelling, or just a sense that the thing that kept you going resonated with you somehow? That’s the truth, your truth, you’re handling it right now.

My bestie Heather Acs and I want to make a web series called Do You Want to Hear the Truth? where we just straight talk some truth like the fierce working-class femme beasts we are. In other words: Get Ready for The Truth. That shit is coming.


Lessons from 2013 is a mini-series dedicated to all the ways folks make it through in general, and to my personal resilience gathered from a bad year. See the series here: http://www.damienluxe.com/category/top-10-lists/

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