Femme hacks: see-thru lace bra

Femme hacking, n.: to use tacit knowledge of deprivileged structures [femme science] to apply roundabout methodologies of tool-using [hacking] in order to achieve an outcome.

My most recent femme hack — an application of femme science and hacking — is this: a see-thru lace bra. Let’s explain why, and then how.

Why: Lace bras that you can see through are very good-looking and –feeling. They are also relatively expensive and not available everywhere, I recently learned.

Since the clothing industry objectifies/hates feminine bodies, reinforces a culture that fears our sexuality, and can only comprehend desire as a function of capitalism bras are most often a material that keeps nipples under wraps unless they’re special/sexy/pricey.

As someone who’s just not going to spend $50 on a bra [or $25 on one for that matter], I wanted to figure out a way to get a fancy lacy thing for my chest without spending my grocery money or an entire day of shopping to do so.

How: With my see-tScreen Shot 2015-04-18 at 12.07.10 PMhru lace bra dream I headed out with my fab femme pal Che to go on a mission for a cheap bra, in the hopes that the stores which sell micro-skirts and six-inch heels would understand my desire. We went to Fulton Ave in Brooklyn, well-known for it’s stores of this nature.

At Danice, we encountered the lower-level: All $2.99-$3.99 bras and $0.99-$1.99 panties. Here! I thought, I’d find the slutwear of my dreams among their store brand: HOT BOTTOMS.

However, every bra had padding, or some other way of keeping chest skin from showing off, feeling good, or getting noticed and thus destroying the productive capitalist paradigm. Looking at my lack of options I had a femme hacking lightbulb moment: I know how to edit clothes to make them more like what I want, and I bet that any bra with a lace layer could be hacked.

I purchased a blue lace bra matching the above blue HOT BOTTOM and brought it home to get to work. If I could only control my snips from tearing the lace, I could likely remove the padding and leave a see thru lace experience behind for my chest.

Tools needed:

  • scissors that are sharp enough to cut fabric,
  • bra with a separate layer of lace from the padding,
  • medium amount of coffee for focus but not too much to control for shakiness.

I first roughly cut out the center of the padding, leaving a ridiculous-looking [and feeling] hole in the center of the bra. Not quite what I wanted, so I slowly and carefully cut as close to the seams as possible, using my finger [lez science!] as a barrier to keep the scissors from going through the lace on the other side.

The result, et voila! A $2.99 see-thru lace bra for me, femme hacking style. Padding cut-outs shown, bonus unicorn in the background.