DAMIEN LUXE is a Brooklyn-based queer femme, multimedia artist, digital technologist, and community organizer who creates, produces and performs political and participatory multimedia works all over the US and Canada.

She’s toured personal and collaborative DIY art consistently since 2004. She is a working-class queer artist who honors herstories with a feminist lens. She values community and socially-engaged arts, working with LGBTQ communities across the continent.

Her solo works include:

  • The Whore of Babylon vs. the Lady Pompadour (2015-16) finding the root of femme evil;
  • Not By Bread Alone (2013-2014), mermaids + powdered milk pass poverty;
  • Exorcize (2011-2013), satirical and serious healing aerobics for all bodies;
  • Hot Pink Mass (2009-2011), church for Trisha;
  • Femmes Fight Back (2009-2010), interactive art honoring queer legacies.

She is co-founder and co-artistic director of the performance art group Heels on Wheels, a working-class-led, multi-racial queer femme art extravaganza. Producing high-caliber radical, community-driven events across the USA from 2010 to 2016, including the annual Glitter Roadshow tour and Opentoe Peepshow monthly salon. Their 2015 anthology, Glitter and Grit, won a Lambda Literary Award.

Damien also: writes about progressive uses of technology at femmetech.org, leads a series about finances at Ride Free Fearless Money, is researching a book on the history of raised fists in US political art (www.raisedfist.femmetech.org). Her sci-fi novel Polyester can be read here.

Invited Guest Lectures and Workshops

  • From Publishing City Data to Solving Problems,” SXSW panel, Mar 2018
  • “Finance and Technology: What we can do,” Lesbians Who Tech Montreal panel, Apr 2018
  • “Hacking Capitalism: Divestment and Ethical Money”, Spirit Room Nov 2017, Brooklyn Library and Action Fair Apr 2017
  • Tech Tools for Digital Engagement” OIDP Montreal, Workshop, Jun 2017
  • Open Minds, Open Data,” Smart Cities NYC panel, May 2017
  • The Ethics of Algorithms” Ethical Tech panel, ThoughtWorks NYC, Dec 2016
  • “Sex Worker’s Rights Organizing: What’s Happening Now,” Evergreen State College, February 13, 2009; Brown March 2015.
  • “Out of the Archives and Into the Networks” Radical Archives Conference, NYU, April 2014
  • “The Fist Is Still Raised,” Forest of the Future, NYC 2013; Kingsborough, NYC 2013; Pittsburgh, 2013; Interference Archive, 2014.
  • “Femme and Revolution” Yale University, 2013
  • “Out of the Networks and Into the Streets,” Allied Media Conference 2012, Detroit
  • “Science Fictions and Queer Visioning,” Pervercite 2011, Montreal
  • “Queer Girls Dreaming Away From Home,” Duke University March 30, 2010
  • “MFA in DIY,” UT Austin, Performance Studies Department, Austin TX, February 27, 2009
  • “DIY New Media,” with The Hart Collective: US Social Forum, Detroit, 2010; Anarchist Book Fair, New York, 2009; Women, Action & the Media Conference, MIT, 2008
  • “Femme and Sex,” Femme 2008 Conference, Chicago, August 16, 2008
  • “Queer Performance Poetry,” University of Toronto English Department, April 2003


Selected Solo Performance

The Whore of Babylon vs The Lady Pompadour—some hairstyles are evil, like me. 2015: Charm City Kitty Club [Baltimore]; JACK Theatre [Brooklyn]

Not By Bread Alone—who holds you when you’re walking alone? 2014: BAAD!Ass Women Festival, Bronx NY; 2014 Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow US & Canada; Encuentro 2014, Montreal.

Exorcisecommunity exercise to resist dissociation. 2012-2013: Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow Tours 2012 & 2013; The Rotunda, Philadelphia, 2013; Perver/cite, Montreal, 2012.

Hot Pink Mass—church for freaks and weirdos. 2010-2011: Hot Festival, Dixon Place, 2011, NYC; QUORUM Forum, Brooklyn, 2011; Femme Conference, Oakland, 2010; Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow US National, 2011-2012; international cabarets and community spaces.

Femmes Fight Back—an interactive queer rage installation. 2009-2012: presented in multiple cities at cabarets and community spaces; focused on community engagement. US and Canada.

Collaborative Performance Work

  • Rocky and Rhoda‘s Lesbian Past, co-creator, 2015-2017. With Ariel Speedwagon.
    • World Premiere, JACK Theatre, 2015
    • NYC Premiere, Dixon Place, 2016 (directed by Rudy Ramirez)
  • Queer Prom Queens, co-creator, 2015. LAVAstudio. With Heels on Wheels & co.
  • FEMME/ifest, co-creator, 2014. Encuentro performance & intervention. With Heels on Wheels & co.: Sabina Ibarolla, Heather Acs, Andie Glick, Lizxnn Disaster, Jade Payne, LouLou von Kohl, Daniel Lang/Levitsky,
  • ETLE Universe, writer, 2013-2015. The AO Movement Collective, NYC.
  • Lez Miz, actor, 2013. Directed by Kestryl Lowrey. Dixon Place, NYC.
  • Hairsweet/Hirsuite, co-creator, 2012: Part of MIXploratorium, La Mama Galleria, NYC. With the MIX queer experimental film festival.
  • House of Trisha, co-creator, 2008-2011: collaborative photo project; Coral Short, Maya Suess, Allison Picard. NYC.
  • The Artist is Absent, actor, 2010: Re-performed Marina Abromovic’s durational piece, “Freeing the Voice.” Collaboration of artists to queer Abromovic. 25CPW Gallery, NYC.
  • Exquisite Witness, co-creator, 2008: collaboration, musical, exploration of science with Allison Picard, Le Petit Versailles, NYC.


Performance Tours

  • Heels on Wheels Glitter Road Show, Co-producer and performer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014: National Performing Arts Tour featuring queer femme spectrum performers; 60+ shows www.heelsonwheelsroadshow.com
  • Teaching Artist Tour, Co-producer and performer, 2010: Kingsborough Community College, NYC; Southwestern U., Texas; Concordia U., Montreal
  • Femmes Fight Back Tour, producer and performer, 2009: Austin, Vancouver. www.axondluxe.com/femmelist.html
  • Grassroots Media Justice Tour, performer, 2008: San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans
  • Trash & Ready Wordwhore Tour, Co-producer and performer, 2004: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal



  • Spark to a Flame, Dixon Place NYC, Curator, March 2015
    • Visual and Video art show curated in tandem with launch of $pread Magazine anthology. Supported by the LMCC.
  • Opentoe Peepshow, Branded Saloon, NYC, Curator and co-producer, 2012—2015
    • Monthly live art salon and community event with Heels on Wheels Roadshow. Supported by NYSCA and the Brooklyn Arts Council.
  • MIXploratorium, La Mama Galleria, Co-Curator/Producer, La Mama Galleria, 2012
    • Month-long visual & performance art event, with MIX queer experimental film festival.


Video Art

“The Herstory of Lady Pompadour,” video 2014-2015

  • Charm City Kitty Club, January 2015

“PSA: Pompadour,” 2014

  • Charm City Kitty Club, January 2015; Tainted Love, February 2015

“Femme Footsteps,” video, 2013.

  • Opentoe Peepshow, Dec. 2013. Work-in-progress viewing.
  • Glitter Roadshow, April 2014, as part of Not By Bread Alone
  • Encuentro: Closing Night, curated by the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Montreal, June 2014.

“Working Girl Blues,” video, September 2009.

  • Granny Boots, Toronto, ON October 2009. World Premiere.
  • Pay As You Go, Brooklyn, October 2009. NYC Premiere
  • Sex Worker Open University, London, February 2010; Lets Do It! Seattle, May 2010
  • Sex Worker Video Festival, Curated by Steen Shapiro. Copenhagen April 2013

“Gaybomb,” music video, December 2008

  • Trigger Festival, Toronto, ON, April 4, 2009. World Premiere
  • Maplechasers: Glasgow, Berlin, Hamburg, London, January 2010. European premiere.
  • Perver/cite, in Kino, curated by Coral Short, Montreal, August 2009

“Craigslist,” music video, October 2008

  • Homo a GoGo: Music Videos, curated by Silas Howard, San Francisco August 14, 2009



  • Glitter and Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme UniverseCo-editor. December 2015, Publication Studio, Portland USA.
  • “Kassie’s Story,” in The Uncensored Collection, ed. Private Commission, 2013
  • “Mirror Matter,” Zine with Ally Picard, Sept 2010
  • “Hooking vs. Hookups” in No More Potlucks Anonyme Issue 7, May 2010
  • “Femme Fuck Revolution” Femmethology, ed Jen Burke, Homofactus Press, April 2009
  • “It’s Just Blood,” Without A Net, ed. Michelle Tea, Seal Press, 2004
  • “Credit Card Freedom,” Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws, ed. Zoe Whittall, McGilligan, 2003



  • Tainted Love, February 2015
  • TELL, BGSQD, Curated by Drae Campbell, NYC, October 2014
  • TRIPS, Metropolitan Bar, Curated by Katie Liederman, NYC, July 2014
  • Writing Outside the Margins Festival of Queer Literary Arts, Toronto, August 24, 2008
  • Radar Reading Series, Hosted by Michelle Tea, San Francisco, August 7, 2007
  • SUNY Oswego Women’s Center, Oswego, NY, March 2007
  • Paper Airplane Cabaret, Toronto, September 2002
  • Bug Bowl Literary Festival, Rochester, NY, August 2000



  • ICE-9, 2009. Full-length CD. Live performances from this album were featured at Radical Queer Semaine, Montreal; Queeruption 10!, Coast Salish/Vancouver, BC; The Science of Sexy Cabaret, Seattle; Anonymous Party NYC.
    • Femmetech: Femme Conference Cabaret, Chicago; Queeruption, Vancouver; IDApalooza, TN
    • Butches Got Back: Fat is Contagious Conference New York 2008
  • Bad Girls Belief System, 2005. Full-length CD.


Social Justice Organizing and Media Activism

  • Co-leader, Sci-Fi Action Club, 2015
  • Resident Scholar, Interference Archive, 2013-2014
  • Media Maven, Work Hard/Stay Hard, 2010-2014
  • Media Co-Chair, Femme Collective, Femme Conference 2010-2012
  • Lead Organizer, Beyond Visibility, NYC Femme Gathering, 2012
  • Co-founder, NYC Femme Family, January 2008-2010
  • Art Director, $pread Magazine, January 2006-April 2009
  • Co-Founder, Hart Collective, August 2007-2009



Mix Experimental Film Festival, Board Member



2013    Masters of Arts, American Studies: CUNY Graduate Center, NY

Focus on political and activist art; social movements; American cultural production


2002    Honours Bachelor of Arts: English, Philosophy, Semiotics: University of Toronto, ON