Face it: You’re a bird. You can fly away.

What comes first: forgive or forget?

I don’t know the answer to this, though I wish I did. I do know that it’s not always possible to forget, though it’s possible to forgive.

Sometimes not being able to forget feels like weathering an incredibly brutal storm, one that threatens to blow you off your branch as all the protective leaves are being ripped away.
Face-it_RogerPeet-JustseedsThis illustration, by Justseeds artist Roger Peet came into my life this year in the form of a stack of free posters at the Interference Archive. I took a bunch and distributed them to people I knew were also weathering storms. This one lives on the inspirational wall of quotes and images in the home I share with artist and femmspiration Bevin Branlandingham.

My friend, performance artist and general badass Heather Acs, took one home and put it on her altar, where her partner, musician/film director Silas Howard looked at it and said, “Face it! You’re a bird!”

Guess what? If you’re a bird, you can fly. You don’t have to try to decide if you can forgive if you can’t forget. You don’t need answers, reasons, outcomes. You don’t have to hang on so fucking hard to something that is pummeling you. You can just decide to fly away from the storm…

If you’re in the storm, please remember: you too are a bird.

Hurray for the Riff Raff, “Fly Away”
Will we always be controlled by these demons? / We just wanna fly away