Work Hard Stay Hard in TN … Party Hard in NYC to help!

There is basically so much going on this coming week, what with Carnival in Brooklyn on Labor day, whoamoan on Tuesday, Rebel Cupcake on Thursday and Hey Queen on Saturday. BUT in true bounce-back fashion, those of us going to Work Hard / Stay Hard at IDA next week rescheduled our hurricane-delayed dance party/wrestling spectacle/fundraiser for this week on Wednesday Sept 7th!!


Come at 10p SHARP to watch the friendly fire femme-on-fag-on-genderqueer-on-best wrestling. Stay until 11:45 to hear the raffles be called, and stay even later to join us dancing with DJ Ben Haber [of Judy]!

What’s Work Hard / Stay Hard and why should I care?

We’ll spend a week building a roof on a barn, finishing a wheelchair-accessible outhouse, archiving oral history of collective queer folks,  and tending infrastructure at IDA, a collectively-queer-owned 140 acres of rural land that is a welcoming space for all gender nonconforming people who want to live rurally in middle TN. To raise $ for materials for this project, we are gathering folks who like dancing & friendly competition on Weds. Sept 7th in Brooklyn. Don’t you want to break up your week with something fun that also supports sustainable, intentional safer spaces for queer folks? Thought so!

Check out the video or throw us some $ if you can’t come on Wednesday here!