Roadside America Is Always Right

I have a personal life goal of doing everything on Just this past year, I went to the namesake location, a miniature Americana village encircled by model trains, where the last 300 years of agricultural and industrial technology are heralded alongside eagles, mountains, and cars. It’s fantastic, including the Jesus-and-flag light show:

IMG_20140223_184202 IMG_20140223_134651
Recently, I went to another treasure, the ripped-apart dystopic wonder that is Holy Land USA. Roadside America describes it so, “For two decades, Holy Land USA has been a post-nuclear Road Warrior vision of the Holy land, perched on a bluff.”


There’s nothing quite as calming as seeing history, amirite?


And if history doesn’t calm you, perhaps the reminder that you may well be squashed by a heel for your trespasses. A larger set of photos are here.