Punk songs for surviving

It’s February in NYC. There are less options for getting out and about, too much time to think about shit and not enough opportunities for levity, and that means:

Icy Slush February Death Feelings

How to survive whatever you gotta survive this winter? My personal plan is: No Feelings May Be Acted On Until March 1, and music. Here’s a few recommendations:


Cover of “Survivor” by Knock Out.
Whhoooaaaaaahhhha!!!+ thrash drums = deep breaths.

Cover of “Soul Kitchen” by X.
“Light another cigarette, learn to forget…”

Cover of that sexist ass song by GnR, covered by L7: “I used to love him”


Gossip, “Move in the Right Direction” 
Reminiscing will get you nowhere!

Moral Crux, “Get Outa My Brain”

All Dogs, “Carry/Keep”
“and your glowing soul lit up this town, i could not believe when you let me down”

Jean Grae, “A-alikes”
I fall apart/write just to stay right/just pretend that we’re alright

Babes in Toyland, Primus
How many times you gonna nail me to the cross with those precious little promises?


Black Flag, “I’ve heard it before”
Authority! Bullshit! I don’t need it! I gotta get shit done!

Defiance Ohio, “Chad’s favorite song”
Are you so tired you can’t even dream in this mistake we call society…