Photo Shoots Fall 2014

This fall I’ve been feeling delightful, and so I’m super ready to dress up and take photos.


This first set is with my friend Lazer Gaser, in which we are telling a very — very — queer story; involving a special box, and the storytelling essentials, namely telescope glasses, a ring, a cock, and a travelers’ journal:

As the story goes on, it gets more shocking, of course. A larger set of photos are here.


Next, a narrative in which the origin herstory of the hairstyle I love most, the poof or pompadour, emerged, with the impeccable Ariel Speedwagon.


As you can guess, the green background is for a greenscreen video shoot that went along with this. The shoot was made possible by the lovely Silas Howard.


The whole story will come out soon enough; in the meantime though I promise to share exactly how to make a perfect hair bump!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.17.26 AM