Performance & Art: Heels on Wheels, Purimschpiel + more

Such exciting developments in the world of art and performance I get to participate in!

  • March 19 was JFREJ’s annual Purimschpiel, and Terra Incognita members Irit Reinheimer, Jenna Peters-Golden and I put together a video/sound/visual art installation, 18 Keys.
  • April 3 is the next Hot Pink Mass, at the Lesbian Herstory Archives!
  • And April 15 – 28 Heels on Wheels Roadshow is at it again, doing 11 shows in two weeks through the Midwest and back to NYC.

Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow

This is the second [annual!] queer performance art cabaret I’ve co-produced. We are going to Pittsburgh, Columbus, Bloomington, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Philadelphia and home to New York City!

I’m hitting the road in my beloved van April 15-28, 2011, in search of new friends, fantastic adventures and siblings in the struggle, along with Heather Acs, Shomi Noise, Geppetta, Amanda Cheong and Lixnne Disaster.

We have a video and are fun[d]raising via kickstarter — all donations include admission to our show!

Liberation magic, anti-capitalist robots, Medusa-themed puppet theatre, riot grrl dance parties, and the story of stardust accompany the journey of us six queer femme artists and activists as we tour from Brooklyn through the Midwestern U.S. this April. You’re invited to enjoy the spectacle as these dazzling troublemakers create a world of radical extravagance and thought-provoking glamour. Full schedule and info on the artists on our site:

Purim: 18 Keys with Terra Incognita

Taking the idea of liberation, work, and making wishes, Irit Reinheimer, Jenna Peters-Golden, and I created a two-room installation for JFREJ’s annual Purimschpiel spectacle.

The first room had two mobiles made of keys, and a table with a prayer book, cloves, and keys with tags hand-stamped with “Sustencance” “Self-Determinsation,” Cooperatives,” etc. Walking into the next room, we installed projected images of domestic, factory and sex workers from the last 80 years or so as seen through a keyhole, a multi-channel soundscape of keys, and three altars each to the different types of work. Each altar had a bowl where you placed the key as an offering.

Leg & Face Hair as a [Femme] Birthright

I’ve been working slowly on a text and video piece about class and body hair, and have been filming myself taking clippers to my legs for a few months. I took this little project outside my apartment last month and while it’s hard to tell, yes that is a grand piano behind me, and yes, I am pulling something out of my vagina.