Opentoe Peepshow #4: NCN, Kit Yan, Adelaide Windsome, and Patti Smith

Heels on Wheels presents the fourth Opentoe Peepshow: revealing new works by queer artists on Sunday January 6th in Brooklyn, NY at the Branded Saloon.

Each first Sunday of the month October–June, the performance collaborative I co-produce, Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, continue to create space for queer performances that transcend genre and gender, presenting magical and powerful artists who inspire, delight, and educate.

Where: Branded Saloon, Vanderbilt Ave. and Bergen St., Brooklyn, $3-$10.

When: Sunday Jan. 6 2013, Doors at 7pm, Performances start at 8pm *sharp*, and there is a *special surprise* involving Patti Smith. We’ll say no more…

Featured artists for January 2013 are:

  NCN-folsom2011 061NCN  is the stage name of a believer in collective liberation, hater of capitalism, and conductor of storytelling experiments for children and adults. Tigerlad, the baby donkey, and all NCN’s other characters (NCN personifies everything he sees) inhabit worlds where Newtonian physics and cause and effect logic have been replaced by desire, emotion, and SM fantasy. On their off-hours they inhabit

Photo by Nogga Schwartz

Photo by Nogga Schwartz

Kit Yan is a Brooklyn based performance poet from Hawaii. He is interested in the every day, in love, and in story telling. He is a touring artist whose work has been presented globally and reviewed in New York Mag, Curve, Bitch, and Hyphen. Kit loves to write while driving and talk to people on airplanes.

Dee-194163_381731495230842_215182933_oAdelaide Windsome, a Heels on Wheels touring artist! and an LA-based multimedia fabulist. artist, and organizer. Windsome utilizes dark & whimsical fairy tales to confront themes of trauma and grief, depression and suicide, and the beauty of survival. Her work as been described as “cryptic vaudevillian surrealism” on bitchmedia’s SM{ART} and as “somewhere between Kate Bornstein and Edward Gorey” by Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl. Windsome has been featured nationally with Fresh Meat Productions, Tranny Roadshow, Puppet Uprising, and Painted Bride Art Center, among others. She has facilitated workshops on gender, art, and activism at various colleges and universities including Western Washington, James Madison, and Harvard Law. Above all else she believes in embracing melancholy with magical. See more of her work at Stitching Tentacles Productions: