Notes on Trisha

Salome, Delilah, Lola, Little Debbie, Queen Helene, Jolene, Liz, Medusa, Miss World, Pretty Young Thing, Shawty, Gloria, and Trisha. Trish/a. Multiplicity and essences of all those babes you wanted to be, fuck, or avoid: too many qualities in one personality, many personalities for multiple environs. I call forth Trisha to manifest when I am tough and when I am small, when I roll with homegirls or solo into the world, when I’m interacting or schemeing; and come to me, she does. She could come to you as easily, she’s surely not all mine.

Trisha is my troublemaking sister and I need her.

She’s groundbreaking and rule breaking and break dancing and heartbroken but prevailing and she manifests. She is my lesson in asking for it, in getting it. Trisha is quite simply, a bad girl; the part of us who wants to be out of control and who has all the faculties to do it and succeed at being unbounded — without causing major damage. Trisha is intentional.


I wrote a brief history of the genesis/discovery of Trisha and if you’re really ethnolinguistically curious, there is also a Lexicography describing Her name/s and traits. I’m thinking of Trisha as I work on A Month of Sundays, a long-format collection of what will be both more sermons/masses/revivals from the Hot Pink Mass and accompanying text. Winter projects! A-choo!