Lessons from 2013 #7: The body holds secrets, scars and solutions so whatever you need to do heal it, do that.

A short list of things I used to heal myself this year that I scoffed at before: flower vibration essences, watching a light bounce around a screen [EMDR], getting hit with basil, aura photography/reading*, childhood regression therapy, absorbing crystal vibrations, couples therapy, energy healing rituals, letting my mom pray for me, taking a sabbatical.

Things I did that I already knew about: exercise, motorcycle riding, art-making, road trips, sex, bdsm rituals, smoking, talking to people, asking for help, acupuncture, massage.

The body has this awesome ability to be a wounded healer, so however you can access those fractured powers can help you. Fuck it. Do what you have to do to survive and heal. Other people have moved through giant experiences and have tactics, strategies, and skills.

Embodiment is a blessing, so if your process happens to be via sex or say, group rituals involving eggs and the ocean, that’s great, just be consentual. If it’s through more solo or intellectual practices like examining your aura or prayer, all good. Do What You Need To Do to live in your body, without judging your body and self if possible. This is not an all-access pass to be entitled in shitty ways, but permission to explore your options.

*Go to 238 Canal Street at Center and get an aura photo like I did, though you have to be ready to potentially see your own glowing broken heart in the photo. Mine was a throbbing orange. FMML.


Lessons from 2013 is a mini-series dedicated to all the ways folks make it through in general, and to my personal resilience gathered from a bad year. See the series here:http://www.damienluxe.com/category/top-10-lists/http://www.damienluxe.com/category/top-10-lists/