June Events & Whatnot

I want to write all about Heels on Wheels, how the perfect combination of personality, talent and magic got in the van and travelled all the way to Minneapolis and back, precipitating excellent dance parties and refuting the notion that Fancy Faces Only Tour Burlesque by taking performance art, stories and ferocity instead. I want to write about being sick in a way that propelled me to be on a juice cleanse for the last week, and how awesome my body feels without processed sugar in it. I want to write about power, speaking capacity, sites of critical analysis and broken ancestries. And I will do that because I signed up for graduate study and now I have to write about what I’ve studied, get the hell off the internet, and as a mentor once said, “apply my butt to my chair.”

But because it’s nice out and I’d rather be outside, I’m thinking briefly about upcoming events and arts. like…

The Cocktail Party Performance Evenings, June 3 & 8 @ ABC No Rio.
A response to Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, rather than a re-performance of T.S. Eliot’s play, though we’ll see what transpires. Curator Tallahassee Idlewild describes her intent: “In re-envisioning the anatomical place-settings of a formal dinner party into the looser affiliations of a cocktail party, stepping back from such explicit biological determinism, this project seeks to present a more fluid idea of gender, one which encourages and facillitates re-invention and self-creation, and a host of heros of a different sort.

Sex Worker Cabaret, June 12 @ Public Assembly [tickets]
Sarah Jenny and I bring you five videos and eleven performers to celebrate sex worker self-determination and survival.

Also, while my video Working Girl Blues will not be at the NYC Cabaret, it will be at San Francisco’s Sex Worker Film and Art Fest May 28th at The Roxie, and at London’s Sex Worker Film Festival June 11, 2011, at Rio Cinema.