Houseboys and Audiosmut

I’ve had a near-decade of adventures with household domestic service, what I colloquially call “The Houseboys.” They have been tasked with everything from doing my laundry to shining my boots and leather dresses; cleaning the floors to organizing my sex toys; making dinner for a gathering I’m hosting to standing at attention as a GNC honorguard tricked out in ropes and matching outfits.

I learned by example from other Femmes how to live fiercely, that there are roles and places for everyone — for some of us, it’s bossing and being demanding, and for others it’s the satisfaction of a job well done and being bossed. I was also shown how  visionary delegation and creativity is a special and important skill. I think it’s transferable from one setting to another, and as a community organizer and artist, knowing what needs to get done, coralling the right folks to ask for it — and doing so in a radical framework of consent, play, and demonstrating that everyone’s role is important — has served me in many instances that extend beyond the perverse and domestic.

The amazing sex-positive feminist podcasters at Audiosmut just produced an issue on Doms and I’m interviewed in it. Tune in to learn about BDSM in general, ProDomme and Dom work, and to hear my philosophies on how kink is the opposite of capitalism, and on the psychology of houseboys. The podcast is here.

If you are interested in being a houseboy [and note that is for persons of all genders] you may start by filling out my application form.

ps — I fucking love women who use technology. LOVE THEM. Fuck yes Audiosmut.