Heels on Wheels – after the wheels stop turning.

Heels on Wheels Debrief – In short, the roadshow was so glittery and incredible!

Baltimore’s beautiful gem Black Cherry Puppet Theater, as run by Michael, meeting Rebecca Nagle and Koala, talking with Wobfest folks and being hosted amazing by Leah and Xander, finding The Book Thing and eating the new bagel sandwich involving fried egg, mustard, humous, spinach and cream cheese.

Richmond’s Lamplighter gave delicious food, handsome mysterious Hank, the post show drag queens who fiercely changed on the street and who honored the glory of Sequinette’s name, and where Jenny and Jack and co. made us thrill with brunch beyond belief.

Durham, ohhh Humble Tripe, how you swayed us with your giant smiles and gorgeous music and Shawn, how your beautiful home comforted us mightily and created I Have A Crunch On You, the PTM remix.

Duke where thanks to Kadji, Haley and Victoria in the Pink Room made Heather and my lecture: Queer Girls Dreaming Away From Home even more magical than the pink leather desk and armoires surrounding us.

Asheville, where the bar booked us thinking we were strippers, people debated if I was going to hell for the Hot Pink Mass and there were five amazing souls holding it down for our show. Haley, Ezra, Zeke: thank you.

Atlanta! Bellissima! A beautiful space with amazing acoustics, and the gracings of Lady Vagina Jenkins who femmceed the event in the Best Red Leather Suit Ever plus we got to see Al Schlong in a flaming suit!. And thanks to lovely Asha who lent us the glory of her home, pointed us to the five corners and made us amazing pasta when we surely looked half dead.

New Orleans, walking into the All Ways felt like Arriving, Jordan and Nat and Michelle and Red came, and the Love-o-Rama folks were were so welcoming to us. Sequinette and Laurence were left behind in the bayou, with then Silas taking over van space.

Austin! I always feel like I’m coming home here even though it’s a new adventure every time. The Gay bi Gay Gay stage shone with pastel homomagic in the afternoon sunlight and femme atx folks, equality riders, Ida friends and the GxGG magic makers combined with local friends to make it such a magic show.

Georgetown/Southwestern where we added Leah [and lost Chicago] for the How To Build A Fire Tour, driving the hour to a school which makes queer art and skill-sharing happen for its students. I got to make a track and thrift bike helmets and wonderful Alex and Lisa and Lilly and Eli and everyone else made it a great show in a large atrium.

Waco/Equality Ride was an add on for Chicago and driving the two hours out there I wanted to rest but upon arriving and talking and listening to Mac and Jaxon and everyone — and perfomring the Hot Pink Mass for folks who survived the vengeful followers of a loving god, as I have, gave me more empathy and inspiration than a month inBrooklyn could ever.

Next I want to go to Philly for shows, Detroit for the USSF, Oakland for The Femme2010 Conference and plan more Heels on Wheels for the fall. But first, Summer 2010, let’s go for it!