Heels On Wheels Road Show!

Hey! If you’re looking for the 2011 Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, go to our new website!

Logo by Shannon Taylor, Animal print Photos by Ally Picard. Heels On Wheels Roadshow is four Brooklyn Femmes teaming up with our local friends! Heels on Wheels is a caravan of artists from Brooklyn offering a cabaret of performance, music, drag, and shenanigans. Femme troublemakers Damien Luxe, Heather Ács, Princess Tiny & the Meats, and Sequinette Jaynesfield will wow you with gender troubles and flashy trash!

Heels on Wheels Roadshow is a flashy femme caravan from Brooklyn touring the South with a queer performance-art cabaret. Starring dazzling troublemakers Heather Ács, Damien Luxe, Princess Tiny & the Meats, and Sequinette, the show features a multi-media format of high femme drag, electro music, and piercing, poetic theatre. Expect to see Dolly Parton transformations, stilettos flying, eggs breaking and moods changing. Heels on Wheels delivers a trashy-fancy night of radical extravagance and thought-provoking glamour.

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We’re getting in our dreamy van for this epic NYC-to-Austin trip March 26 – April 6. Our stops are:

  • Sunday 3/21 – Brooklyn NY – 8pm @ Collect Pond, 45 Berry St., 8pm, $5
  • Friday 3/26 – Baltimore MD – 8p and 10p @ Black Cherry Puppet Theatre, 1115 Hollins Street, 21223. 8p & 10p shows.  $5-10.
  • Saturday 3/27 – Richmond VA – doors 7/ show 8p @  The Lamplighter Cafe 116 S. Addison St, Doors 7pm – Free!
  • Sunday 3/28 – Durham NC @ 8pm with Humble Tripe Monkey Bottom Gallery, 609 trent drive durham with Humble Tripe $5
  • Monday 3/29 – Asheville NC @ 9pm Club Hairspray, 38 N. French Broad Ave., $5
  • 3/30-31 – Atlanta GA – Bellissima, 560 Amsterdam Ave, 30306. 9p $5-8.
  • Thursday 4/1 – New Orleans LA – 10pm @ All Ways, 2240 St. Claude Ave., $5
  • April 4 – Austin, TX @ Gay by Gay Gay Stage, East Austin
  • April 6 – Waco, TX with Equality Rides!

Oh and thanks to our screenprinters, Means of Production – check them out!

Any assistance in getting us places to stay is super appreciated! More info below the cut…

Damien “Hadassah” Luxe is a Brooklyn-based queer femme, liberationist artist, writer, creative, and activist who performs as Axon D’Luxe. Her work focuses on celebrating extremes of femininity; feminist / queer archiving and storytelling, and on building and skillsharing a new framework to both analyze and enjoy life from. D’Luxe is co-founder of New York’s Femme Family [femmefamily.com], a queer femme cultural community; she’s the co-creative director of the community events and skillshare group the Hart Collective [hartcollective.com]; and she Art Directed the award-winning $pread Magazine [spreadmagazine.org] for three years. A repatriated expat by way of Toronto, DIY tech geek and communications designer [heelsonwheelsdesign.com], and working-class gone hustling-class high femme fatale, Damien loves rhinestones and anything dramatic on wheels. Download tracks, read stories and her how-to blog: www.axondluxe.com

Heather M. Ács is a multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, educator and high-femme troublemaker. She creates nonlinear worlds layered with movement, soundscape, video, and storytelling, refracted through working class Appalachian and Mexican cultural imagery. Her gritty, glittery work has been featured in festivals, galleries, colleges, conferences, divy bars, crowded living rooms, and queer feminist spaces across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Heather has worked with Nao Bustamante, Karen Finley, Steven Soderbergh, and regularly collaborates with Silas Howard. www.heatheracs.com

Sequinette called a “Drag Impresario” by the New York TImes and a “Dolly Parton-esque beauty” by the Village Voice, Sequinette is one of the most stylized of NYC’s “Female to Female Drag Queens.”  She relies on fine couture costuming in drag performances that contain elements of burlesque.  She was crowned Miss LEZ 2008 in Murray Hill’s queer beauty pageant,  and also starred in Michelle Handelman’s Dorian in 2009. She is the co- producer of multi-media queer dance party “Love Muscle,” and also produced Coney Island’s first ever full fledged drag show, “Hollywood Bitches.”

Chicago is a solo artist who performs under as Princess Tiny and the Meats. Their debut electronic album, “Will S UR D 4 Coin” is to be released early this summer. You can check out their music at [www.myspace.com/princesstinyandthemeats]. Their music brings awareness and education to a broader audience about queer culture. Princess Tiny and the Meats also performs acoustic songs on guitar and piano in a theatrical fairy tale called “Confessions of a Love Sick Teenager”.  Chicago is an artist that is dedicated to breaking down the walls of ignorance that have saturated the music industry for what has been – up until now – way too long!

5 thoughts on “Heels On Wheels Road Show!”

  1. a love letter, or fragments of my 1am ramblings upon my return from your show:

    Oh my god I am giddy with it. So giddy I don’t know if I want to put on Lady Gaga and Dolly Parton and dance around my room or call my friends and shout “oh my goodness I must share with you what I just saw!!!!!” So much femme magic. My heart beats, and my pulse is infected with glitter and girl joy. It is raining outside but I feel like I’m inside a bubble and it might pop but if it does I’ll fall on cotton candy and things will still be magic and shiny and metallic and reflecting each other. I fell in love, tonight. Again. I saw the dreams of what I want to be. I saw everything I want. I saw high heels, and brilliance, and passion, and vulnerability. I’ve been thinking a lot about this – vulnerability. How camp lets us always be distant, at a distance. I want to be close, so close to people. I want to feel their skin crawl. Tonight heather held us so close and it was scary and we could feel ourselves dying together.
    But somehow, I feel in awe like “yes! I want to do that thing too” and not like “oh my god they are so good how could I ever live up to that??” That’s femme girl magic.
    I’m giddy with giving my digits to a cute lady, one who can play music and daaaaaaance. (and now it’s going to be awkward because she won’t call and maybe she’ll see this on the internet but whatever i just want her to know she’s charming and gorgeous). I’m giddy about being surrounded by queer ladies, by femmes, by people who want to make things scream with joy and explode in a frenzy like I do. With people who are crazy and giving and who are brave enough to share that with you. People who know that the meaning of courage is being able to be fragile, too.
    I want to drink 10 cups of coffee and run around singing. I want to write. I want to play in piles of tulle. I want to kiss. I want to touch girl bodies, breasts and wet cunts in my hands. I want to smile and hold hands and spin in circles until we can’t stand.
    Heather and Damien and Sequinette and Princess Tiny and Miss Mary Wanna did everything I ever want to do in a performance. They used movement and they told stories but not in simple narrative and they loved us and they were tender and sincere and over the top and manic and made up and hard as diamonds and broken all at the same time. They cared about consent, and music, and laughter, and utopia, and the feminine, and the bois in the room, and dancing, and magic, and church aesthetics, and heartbreak, and love, and fucking, and surprises, and sadness, and touch, and ecstasy.
    They lived in the contradictions. They played in them. Wallowed in them. Swallowed them whole. Holy fuck.
    Thank you, heather and damien and sequinette and princess tiny and miss mary wanna for making my world feel so much more possible.To living the dream!

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