Van Update: Instead of FTW! I’m like Fuck Yeah Friends!

When my van broke down in a Greyhound station parking lot in Albany two weeks ago, I wanted to be like FTW! But, the people who gathered to support me kept that at bay.

Before, we had just come from Heels on Wheels presenting, as always, a PWYC/no one turned away for lack of $, performance at Pervers/cité in Montreal. While there, I went to the Queer Between the Covers Book Fair, and got a copy of a poster by QTEAM [], which I’d always admired in my friends houses. It says:

We’re In This Together // When You’re Like FTW, That’s What Queer Family Is For.

20130904_205749While waiting at the mechanic’s shop, Coral Short and I decided to make a video and ask for donations towards the ever-increasing repair cost as things fell apart in the back end by the rear axle. Someone’s got something for this, I figured!

Here’s the video we made:

Well, not only did folks send major love and sweet texts, but between PayPal and cash donations, we raised $680. That is SO AWESOME.

We are in this together and even though I wanted to be like FTW — folks like and including yourselves raised me up. The Dream is driving great now, and her next stop is taking six Brooklyn folks down to IDA in Tennessee for Work Hard, Stay Hard: a volunteer work party to build sustainability for queer rural land. We couldn’t get there affordably without everyone who helped get this van fixed up and running.

Thank you again, seriously, so fucking much, to everyone who sent me some love, some money, or some magic.

I’m still fundraising — the total repair costs I put into the van in August were $1250, and included things like:

  • windows someone broke when I loaned them the van to take their sweetheart across the border to renew her visa,
  • a mirror that got broken when I loaned it out for someone to move on the cheap,
  • and that pesky expensive rear axle bearing that got fucked because I load so many artists and performance supplies in the van to travel the country sharing queer art. Donate here –>