FISTS n PIRATES = a cure for February blues…

Damien at 24: Once a pirate queen, always a pirate queen...

Folks it’s February and I, like surely some of you, failed to get a vacation. FMML.* So, I made a music mix for the season, and planned some cool art to share: at least there is some hope in the futureā€¦

Sunday 3/3 7pm — Opentoe Peepshow #6 @ The Village at Guerje
Featuring Silas Howard, Cristy Road, Lotus Eater Machine and Merrie Cherry. 7:30 showtime $3-$10. Details:

Thursday 3/7 7pm — Raised Fist Slideshow @ The Forest of the Future
Remember how I used to hang out? That was before graduate school. FMML. But, I’m sharing a slideshow about my rad research on the history of the raised fist image, before Kate Huh shares photos from her g-d incredible archive. This is at the Forest of the Future, which you might want to be checking out anyway due to all the amazing programming:
Also, I made a special raised fist poster, for fisting You’re welcome.

Saturday 3/9 1am — Hey Queen: PIRATE QUEEN @ Public Assembly
If you ever wondered what a combination music industry liberation/parkslopedyke-

hogtie/bannerdrop/pirate dance would look like? See you at 1am at Hey Queen, people.Future: Heels on Wheels GOES ON TOUR!
Save the dates, NYC: April 11 @ Stonewall in Manhattan and April 12 @ The Spectrum in Brooklyn.

And tell your west coast pals to look out for Roadshow extravagance March 22–April 7. We’re touring from LA to Vancouver!!

*FMML=Fuck My Magical Life: an acronym for when you know things could actually be going badly, but maybe you’re just overwhelmed by doing a lot of cool/magical/chosen things.