Femme Footsteps: The 2014 Calendar *pre-order now!*

Sample calendar design — actual calendars will look even more awesome!

Femme Footsteps is a video project I’ve been working on this year, to celebrate the many ways femmes have held me up when “I only saw my own footprints in the sand,” as it were.

Because 2014 can only be better than 2013, I’m making a calendar using some of the amazing photo footage I have from the video shoot.

**PRE-ORDER YOUR CALENDAR HERE NOW!!** Delivery Date: Dec 17, 2013

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$8 + ship based on location

Thanks to Bevin Branlandingham, Daisy Schiff, Ezra Nepon, Heather Acs, Jade Payne, Jacquelyn Mary, Kristin Li, Lauren Spencer, Lila Starbuck and Lizxnn Disaster for their participation and assistance in this project.