Canadian Travels & Family Perversion

Wow, does it *ever* seem right to put Canada and perverts in the same subject line [hi you-know-who-you-are!]. From July 31 to Aug 8 I’m returning to the country that turned me out over a decade ago from a nerdy libertarianesque poetry dyke into at least part of the notorious being I am today. Thanks, Toronto.

What am I doing there? July 31 – Aug 4 I’m visiting my chosen family in Toronto. There are biological *kids* now! Aug 2 there will be a BBQ at Cecilia’s house so please come by if you are in T.O. Otherwise I’m thinking dig yr own amithyst for $7!!!!, visiting Exile in Kensington market and packing my van for a naked beach trip!

Aug 4-8 I’ll be hanging around Montreal for Perver/cite, just, you know, giving two workshops and performing a *new* piece that incolves multi-colored spandex:

  • Saturday workshop [time TBA]: Keep It In The Family, with Coral Short + more: As I build the pervert bingo we’ll be playing, I’d LOVE answers to the question “what kinds of family perversions have *you* played?”
  • Sunday workshop [time TBA]: Queering Sci-Fi For the Revolution, with Jenna Peters Golden + more. What sci-fi books inspire you to stay on the team and ho do they do that?
  • Sunday evening: performing at Meow Mix/Spectacle Benefit for Projet 10 with Rae Spoon & Peaches LePage, NO/HO/MO + more @ La Sala Rosa.

Also this trip launches The Abundance Project: a new Tumblr / multimedia project that my sweetheart and I have been scheming and writing and dreaming on for awhile. Part zine, part interviews and part online documentation via tumblr. Lots of thoughts on the high-voltage topic of scarcity and abundance through the lenses of class, art, activism, and love in liminality.

And because I’m travelling, I’ll be working on my existing Tumblr, MFA in DIY, where I’ve been documenting pictures of amazing shit I see when I get it together to leave the house for the last 2.5 years.