What Is A Fee Agreement

Only a fool hires a lawyer without a written fee agreement. Good lawyers know this and always explain your duties and those they have in a document that you can read and understand. Only when you understand the agreement will you be asked to sign and confirm your agreement with your lawyer. So always ask for a copy of the lawyer`s fee agreement at your first meeting. As with all documents, make sure you understand them before signing them. No reputable lawyer will pressure you to accept a fee contract on the spot. If he does, look for another lawyer. An hourly fee contract is a contract between a client and the law firm in which lawyers and paratroopers charge the client for hourly legal services. Every lawyer, paralegal or legal assistant working on a case records their time for each task.

At the end of each month, the firm issues an invoice to the client for legal services provided during the previous month. The law firm multiplies the billable hours of each timekeeper by the hourly rate of the person; He then makes adjustments when he feels that a person has not been effective in a particular task. The Company will then debit the invoice with the Client`s holding funds deposited in an escrow account or send the invoice to the Client for payment. Like everything else, “the devil is in the details.” This article is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of terms and conditions that are suitable for all lawyers, clients and cases, but it is a starting point to broaden your understanding of what you can and should expect before you are asked to sign.