Viu Viufa Collective Agreement

University spokeswoman Toni O`Keefe said the negotiations failed because VIUFA wanted a “no Layoffs” clause in the collective agreement. “We can`t do that,” she said, citing government`s request B.C for public universities to freeze their budgets. “We can`t negotiate costs.” “At this point,” McDonald said during a short break in collective bargaining Thursday afternoon, “it`s a bit like a snowy day.” The president of the Vancouver Island University Faculty Association (VIUFA), whose members went on strike at 8 a.m. yesterday, wants to reassure the more than 18,000 students whose classes are cancelled that it is “hopeful” that a solution will be found without compromising the semester. However, the two sides remain miles apart. The current collective agreement provides for layoffs “for reasons of evidence and a significant decrease in enrolment over an extended period and for demonstrable reasons of reductions in programs or services, including the non-feasibility of non-educational organizations.” In the collective agreement on redundancies, which the union says is a “deal breaker”, union actions were triggered because of the language. VIUFA, McDonald says, wants the university to accept a clause that only provides for layoffs if the government is forced to declare a financial crisis. This would pretty much require the university to implement a policy of non-layoffs. Asked if the faculty`s bargaining team was prepared to admit anything, McDonald`s replied, “Not at this particular point.” Toni O`Keeffe, VIU`s communications director, says the university has no intention of withdrawing from its position to keep the current contract unchanged until 2012. “A non-layoff clause is a huge cost that is being moved into the future,” she said. The B.C.

government has mandated that all universities and colleges have cost-neutral budgets this year. Earlier this week, O`Keeffe said it expected there to be “reductions of any kind” from faculties or staff. In order not to increase the higher education budget, the administration`s negotiating position is to extend the collective agreement that expired last spring and extend it until 2012. Wages would be frozen for the duration of the contract. Patrick Barbosa, a spokesman for the University of Vancouver Students` Union, says the VIUSU supports the faculty association`s right to bargain collectively, but the organization remains officially neutral. “We`re not taking sides. We are for the students,” he said. If the administration does not come back with a new proposal, McDonald says, “You can expect to see picket lines Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m.. That`s a good message! Enter the gift that continues to give and shop at Well Read Books on Commercial Street! Bravo, Vancouver Island Central Literacy! Thanks to our friend Tracy Myers for this great news, why #LiteracyMatters! We are so grateful for all the community support that allows our free literacy programs! 📚📖💚 #Nanaimo See below for the direct link to the video and see the link in the comments for information about Dr. Lim, episode 1 with Joy Gugeler, and the project as a whole. However, VIUFA does not call for a pay increase and says that improving job security is its main concern. “If they can`t keep jobs safe, it`s a deal breaker,” McDonald said.

“[Wages] are not a priority for our members.” Classes for students at Vancouver Island University could be cancelled as early as Thursday morning if the faculty was in a legal strike position.