The Apple Developer Enterprise Program License Agreement

Please sign up for the Apple Developer Program instead. You`ll have access to resources for distributing custom apps through Apple Business Manager, ad hoc distribution, beta testing on TestFlight, and distributing public apps. Your customer can use Apple Business Manager or coupon codes to distribute custom apps privately. (Note: If you`re an organization that buys an app that has been tailored for you, simply create an account to access the app in Apple Business Manager. You don`t need to participate in a development program.) Agreements with you to protect against unauthorized use and disclosure of these confidential apple collect a one-time consulting fee for registering or renewing a full-service Apple Enterprise Developer account and issues 100% authorization by Apple Inc., saves customer time and ensures complete and accurate submissions. Apple Developer Enterprise Program License Agreement pdf Yes. You can outsource the development of new or existing mobile apps to Just send an email to, our Account Manager will contact you. We offer iOS app development services worldwide. I know you can see the license during the program registration process, but it`s at the end of that process, after company verification, etc.

However, I would like to check some details regarding the use before going through the whole process. I searched for this document, but I couldn`t find anything. Apple has reason to believe that some of the information you provided when registering the program was linked to an account that appears to have participated in activities contrary to the ADEP Agreement. Under the terms of the ADEP Agreement, Apple may at any time terminate your Status as an Apple Developer at its discretion, and Apple may also terminate your status as an Apple Developer for deceptive, fraudulent, inappropriate, illegal or dishonest acts related to the ADEP Agreement. As someone who registers your organization for the Apple Developer Program, you must have the legal authority to bind your organization to legal agreements. You must be the owner/founder of the organization, a member of the management team, a project manager or have legal authority conferred on you by a senior executive. Apple Developer Enterprise Program License Agreement pdf My speculation would be that the latest news on Facebook and Google has prompted Apple to take a closer look at the activities of people with a business license….