Music Sampling License Agreement

16. Force majeure A. If the performance of this agreement or the performance of an obligation (except for the payment of the sums due) is prevented, limited or compromised by acts of God, governmental acts or any other cause that is not subject to the control of one of the parties, the party concerned is excused from that benefit, but only during and to the extent that such force prevents it. , the performance of this part is limited or compromised. Notwithstanding the above, the party not concerned may terminate the contract immediately after written notification if the circumstances of force majeure last longer than days. In the event of a force majeure, Multimedia Intellectual Property Co., at its sole discretion, may assign the securities to its distributors, licensees, licensees and customers. In addition, it is important that the parties agree in writing what is the original author`s right in exchange for the rights acquired by the purchaser. This could also imply that the instrumental producer enjoys a traditional interest in producing music for a finished track; If so, the agreement should indicate the percentage to which they would be entitled. It is also important to determine the royalty rate to which the seller is entitled, which is usually a certain percentage of the route`s revenue. This rate may be based on a “per copy” rate or may only be a lump sum buy-out that does not include an additional licensing fee for records sold.

II. Property rights and licensing A. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the content provider retains all rights, titles and interests on and on the property. Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. has all rights, titles and interests on the products granted and has exclusive control over the development, format, content and all other aspects of the products granted. B. This content provider grants Multimedia to intellectual property, its successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment, subject to payment of the advances and royalties specified in it and, for the following period, the exclusive right to develop, produce, reproduce, distribute, import, market, market the licence and privilege throughout the territory. for rent, sale and value. , by all means and on all platforms that are now known or developed later; 2.

translate products granted at Multimedia Intellectual Property Co.`s expense into any non-English language, by any means, developer, contracting or sublicensing deemed appropriate by Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. and exercise the rights granted in paragraph 1.