Limousine Service Agreement

The rental of a limousine is carried out with full consent and approval of the following terms and conditions: All Around Limousine and Party Bus Service, LLC needs a large credit card to process all bookings. All down payments are not refundable. We will do our best not to have to change vehicles. We reserve the right to change vehicles before leaving without notice if a previously requested vehicle is not available or if there is a risk that a driver will not do so in time for a pickup. REFUND: No refund is granted if the service is terminated within 7 days of the expected service. This includes bookings made within 7 days or less of the expected service. All down payments are not refundable. Baggage: Baggage is not checked in. Personal baggage and other utensils required for travel are limited to the capacity of the vehicle and are carried into the passenger`s care at no additional cost. All Around Limousine is not responsible for items left in the vehicle. If you opt for a style entry, a limousine service contract blocks the agreement between you and the limousine company. Create a free limousine service contract with our simple step-by-step process.

You can record when, where and how much. We will pass through you so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride. If [Customer.FirstName] [Customer.LastName] were to violate this Contract at any time, [Sender.Company] reserves the right to immediately cancel or discontinue the provision of limousine services without notice or refund, and enjoys an unlimited right to reimbursement of the legal costs incurred during the maintenance of that contract. NOTE: All vehicles are indicated according to availability at the time of booking. A non-refundable security deposit of $150.00 is required for the hourly deposit at the time of booking. The balance is due at the time of operation. Airport transfers are due in their entirety at the time of booking, unless they are paid in cash or by cheque. The discounted credit card will be charged for the balance due the day before the service, unless other payment terms have been made. If you pay the balance by cheque, please do so 7-10 days before the service date. If the vehicle is damaged, the same credit card is debited.