Independent Contractor Agreement For Occupational Therapist

2) Self-budgeting taxes As a contractor, you have no other withholding tax for each paycheck for you, which means you have to do it yourself. You also don`t have someone else who pays half of your social and social security taxes. So if you`re not careful to set money aside specifically for taxes, you`ll be in for a rude wake-up call every April when you receive your IRS bill! Although independent contracting companies generally offer no benefit, this is a benefit you need to ask for! It is so important to look for tutoring opportunities and get the support of experienced therapists, as well as the help of company resources. It is particularly important for new graduates and those moving to an independent contracting position. Right now, my mentor works in the same building and in the same age group as I do — they are able to provide incredible support, and there is a great correlation between our cases. Ask not only for a mentor, but also for resources! Many companies can offer reference documents or training courses! Of course, some documents can be done outside the office, but in general you can get paid for the extra work that is done, and that`s something you need to ask for when you start. My company calls it indirect time. This encourages independent contractors to be efficient and do the work at work, so that when it`s time to go home, you can go home. Moving from student to practitioner is difficult, and working to reduce your stress makes this transition much easier. If you`re like I was as a new graduate, you don`t even know it`s one thing to be an independent contractor AND a physiotherapist! 3) Less additional work As a contract therapist, employment expectations are generally limited to patient care. You may be more responsible for planning patients who are specifically on your schedule, but you don`t have to plan the entire team or clinic. 1) Variable Hours/PayCheck As a contractor, you cannot make sure you pay a certain number of hours per week. They are only paid for the “jobs” that are done.

As a therapist, “jobs” are the number of patients we`re actually seeing this week. Document everything! Label anything! Everyone has their own method, but organization is the key when it works as an independent contractor. You should make sure to follow the tally, salary notes and expenses throughout your life as an independent contractor.