Garden Maintenance Service Agreement Sample

For each property, a “level of service” is indicated. Service levels are defined in Part 2 of Calendar 1. For example, the gardener can offer a basic weekly service with mowing and weeds, as well as a comprehensive outdoor maintenance service including repairs to fences and maintenance of hard landscape constructions. Service levels, for example, are included in the model, but must be carefully checked and modified depending on the circumstances. This service order is a one-sided Word document that provides a standard form to a company that can use it when it places an order with a supplier. A form template will also be… PandaTip: Use the text field in this section of the garden contract model to describe the specific services the customer buys. Be sure to provide details such as the frequency of services. This contract is suitable for all types of gardening and related horticultural services. For example, the calendar provides for two types of garden maintenance: first, for the client who needs the seasonal planting of planting containers, window trays and vats whose power level is necessarily limited and, second, when the owner requires that the land be maintained throughout the year. In accordance with point 4.1, “additional services” are provided for the second type of gardening: z.B. removal/replacement of dead or diseased shrubs or trees. If one of the parties wishes to terminate this contract, if no party has breached the contract, it can do so by a written notification without notice to the other party.

The effective date of the termination is the start of the next monthly cycle after the 30-day notification period. In the event of termination, City Floral`s client must pay all the sums owed for the work work until the expiry date of the included termination. If, during this period, the Customer were to obstruct or refuse the Service, the total amount owed will be calculated on the basis of a recurring average fee for the last 3-month period. When the gardener provides equipment and services, there are arrangements for the owner`s agreement for the fee.