Cbse Teachers Agreement

TOS staff participating in an exchange program must accommodate teachers who come to the exchange program. If this is not possible for personal reasons, they must respond to hospitality in some way – perhaps they take guests on a guided tour, dinner, etc. For TOS employees who participate in an exchange program: TOS/PNES can contribute up to 25,000 per applicant. The participant must sign a one-year loan (May-April). In case of violation of this agreement, the candidate will pay 50,000 rupees as a penalty. Bond on stamp paper. In accordance with CBSA rules, staff salaries should be released each month before the 10th. The last working day of the month is the last date on which the number of public holidays is regularized. Any application that comes after this date is not taken into account and the leave/salary can be deducted. To regularize it, the General Staff must obtain the signature of the director and the authorization to do so. Employees who obtain the approval of their child(s) up to the 2010-11 school year are granted a deductible of 50% or 100% per year for persons who are on parole or after confirmation, or if confirmed. Once paid, impossible to repay.

Only another tranche has the non-compliance in force. At the end of one year, all staff members must undergo an annual medical examination by the medical representative designated by management. The school shall keep appropriate records for all teachers and non-teaching staff. The school also keeps vacation records, etc., of all employees. All staff members, including teachers and non-teachers, will receive a letter of nomination. The letter of appointment is valid for a specified period which may be mutually renewed on the agreed terms. Staff may, as far as possible, benefit from school transport for official work, excursions, etc. Request transportation to Admin Head in advance to book the school car. If the van is not available or reserved for other purposes or is not economically viable for a single person, the competent authority shall grant an appropriate transport allowance in accordance with the Travel Directive.

There will be no vacations for non-teaching staff, which include computer science teachers and librarians. The school management has the right to retire a worker when he is physically or mentally disabled, which renders him unable to perform his duties. However, these personnel are examined by the medical officer designated by the management and the decision is final and binding after examination of the recommendation of the medical delegate. Any employee may be dismissed by management by the services for the following reasons. All new employees submit a fitness certificate at the time of the appointment agreement. Anyone coming on trial or again will pay 100% one-time entry fee. 50% of them are reimbursed to TOS after one year of continuous service. The Board of Directors is composed of the following members.

The retirement age for all categories of workers, including the head of the institution, is 58. Special privileges of the head of department / co-odinators: the services of a staff member may be terminated in writing or with 1 month`s notice for staff (apprenticeship/non-apprenticeship) during the trial period or during an extended trial period by the Board of Directors, with a period of 1 month for staff (teaching/non-learning) and 2 months with a period of 2 months for heads of department, coordinators, directors and directors. If the information/documents provided are not authentic or prove to be incorrect, the employee may be dismissed without justification. It must be dropped off at the school. All original certificates are returned after verification. If all the necessary documents are not submitted within the agreed period, the services may be terminated without justification. . . .