Addictions Foundation Of Manitoba Collective Agreement

Browse our list of research-related courses and workshops. The new treaty provides for general wage increases each year, improvements to the health expenditure account, the implementation of a medically prescribed direct payments plan and employment security provisions for the duration of the agreement. The contract applies from March 30, 2014 to March 23, 2019. Each year, Manitoba Substance Use and Addictions Awareness Week (M-SUAAW) provides Manitobans in all walks of life with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and explore solutions to address the harm caused by drug use and addiction. Unions support their members through the labour relations process, collective bargaining and advocacy, as well as public and government relations. Information on the various organizations and services they provide is available at: MGEU/NUPGE members at AFM provide thousands of Manitobans with a wide range of addiction services across the province. Negotiations began in 2014 and, after a long and difficult series of negotiations, union members and the employer reached an interim agreement in February. Now that the contract has been ratified, the MGEU bargaining committee will meet with its employer to finalize the details of the contract and sign the agreement so that it can be printed and distributed to members. Our programs are supposed to help you watch your participation in alcohol, drugs or gambling to see if this has a negative impact on your life.

They have the opportunity to meet with counsellors who understand youth issues and the potential impact on the lives of young people. Many community-based programs offer virtual support. Please note that IPD (Impaired Driver Program) reviews are available over the phone. For more information, contact your local AFM office. Help people who live with addiction by eating today. Browse and apply for our current careers. Our internal, accessible and municipal services are adapted to ensure the safety of our clients who seek help in the event of problems related to alcohol use, other drugs or gambling. If you or someone you care about has problems, please contact the Manitoba Addictions Helpline at 1-855-662-6605 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We`ll be ready when you`re. .

The Manitoba Addiction Foundation (MFA) and its employees are committed to providing ongoing support and services to people struggling with drug use and gambling in Manitoba during COVID-19`s response efforts. . The AFM`s Rapid Access to Addiction (RAAM) clinics and Manitoba`s Opioid Support and Treatment Program are always open to participants. If you or someone you are interested in needs services, you can always use the accessible RAAM clinic for advice, medication, advice and assistance. Learn more. For more information about the MOST program, click here. Regional health agencies and service organisations remain responsible for the provision of health services. You will find information about each organization and the services it provides on each organization`s website: services for adults aged 18 and over who seek help because they are themselves or someone else involved in alcohol, drugs and/or gambling are offered. . MGEU members negotiate improvements in wages, health care and job security.