2K Nfl Agreement

Polygon points out, however, that even with an NFL license that allows 2K Games to use team names, logos and other game elements, this agreement does not contain names, images and images of NFL players. To do so, the company must negotiate a separate agreement with the NFL Players Association and there is no indication that such an agreement has been reached. The new football video games, which makes 2K Sports, will be real NFL players in addition to NFL teams, with the authorization of a new licensing agreement between the publisher and the NFL Players Association, which announced the companies Thursday. Upcoming 2K football games will show real NFL professionals thanks to a new agreement signed by the publishing house with the NFL Players Association. The agreement allows the company to use the names, figures, images and similarities of more than 2,000 current NFL professional players. In March, 2K signed a multi-year contract with the NFL to create football games involving NFL teams and brands. Under the agreement, 2K will be able to put the numbers, names, images and similarities of more than 2,000 NFL players in their respective team jerseys on the pixelated field. 2K added its non-simulation football video game agreement with the NFL by announcing a separate partnership with the NFL Players Association. 2K`s contract with the NFL was for non-simulated football experiments; This would be mobile games, non-realistic arcade style and in general, any video game that doesn`t feel like and works like an authentic NFL football experience. The contract for simulation football games belongs to EA Sports, which is promoted by its “Madden” franchise. In May, EA Sports and the NFL extended their contracts for football simulation video games until 2026. After EA and the NFL resumed their agreement in May to allow the game producer to secure exclusive rights for NFL simulations until 2026, those hoping for the highly anticipated competition for “Madden” have no chance for now.

The contract builds on an earlier agreement signed by 2K in March to use the NFL`s official license in a series of upcoming football games.